New Home Sales Training Material & Resources

The Official Handbook for New Home Salespeople

The practical-yet-dynamic material presented in this book has evolved from decades of Schultz' sales training and consulting work with organizations of all sizes. Bob's companies have been successful through good times, as well as through three recessions. He managed successful workout situations for dozens of banks, developers and financial institutions during the difficult times in the mid-seventies. He presents “down-to-earth” strategies necessary for success in today's selling arena and is uniquely qualified to show others how to achieve new home sales success.

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Bob Schultz - Smart Selling Techniqes

This is a comprehensive resource that provides “the words to use”—from greeting through discovery to demonstration, and specific techniques for effective closing —to produce the defining moments you want. It provides all the “critical tools” you need to implement the Sequence for Success. Many of the techniques presented in this book are “no calorie” techniques. If they don't work, you've lost nothing. If you do get a response, however, you can then move forward in a positive direction. This practical guide will soon become your working toolbox. It will serve and assist you during your daily quest for new home sales success.

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Bob Schultz - Selling To multicultural Home Buyers

Because more than one million immigrants are purchasing homes annually (and that number is growing), The New Home Specialist Publishing Group is leading the homebuilding industry with the latest information on Multiculturalism, from its resident expert, Michael Lee. Through years of study and personal experience, Michael has compiled the enclosed facts in such a way that you can effectively apply this knowledge immediately.

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Bob Schultz - Five Minute Professional

Digitally re-mastered and presented in CD format, you will find this Essential Series of great value to professionals of all levels of experience, from brand new, to multi- million dollar producers selling new homes for many years.

  • CD 1: Introduction and Preparation for Success
  • CD 2: Sequence for Success
  • CD 3: Discovery & Qualifying
  • CD 4: Communication & Demonstration
  • CD 5: The Five Minute Drill
  • CD 6: The Natural Conclusion

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Smart Start

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

(Computer Diskettes in Excel '97 Format)

1) Management System Reports

2) Sales Performance Analysis - Measure the Effectiveness of Each Salesperson

3) Marketing & Sales Cost Efficiency Analysis - Measure the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

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New Home Sales Follow-Through

This thirty-day self-directed training program is designed to help create new skills and acquire new information, which can be applied immediately. The program has been planned with learning projects and exercises to be completed throughout. For optimum benefit of creating an effective and thoroughly trained sales representative for your organization, the book is structured to be completed in just 30 working days.

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The “how to's” for effective telephone surveys, exit polls, focus groups, questionnaires, interviews & telemarketing. This 20-chapter guide is accompanied by two diskettes containing all the materials needed to produce results.

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